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Who is P/S Alc-Free?

Formerly BetterRhodes.ca, PS Alcohol-Free has over 50 years of expertise in the food & beverage industry. We are one of Canada’s premier importers of Premium Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Beverages and represent some of most sought after global brands.  We aim to support your journey for wellness and mindful living.

From our customers


I recently stopped drinking due to health issues tied to being over 50. Discovering this site was a game-changer. Although I still desire mature drinks like red wine and gin, I've found solace in options like Wander+Found rosé, Pure Vision red.

Stacy B.

Just discover the ultimate spot for affordable Non-Alcoholic Wines and Beers. Their Non-Alcoholic Beers amazed me—just like the real deal without the high! Excited to explore more of their Wines and Mocktails next.

Aileen K.

Diverse, delightful non-alcoholic wines and beers! Captures true flavors sans alcohol—perfect for gatherings. Impressed by the rich taste and variety. Will definitely return for more!

Chrisie E.

Game-changer! Non-alcoholic wines and beers with authentic flavors. From reds to whites, each bottle satisfies. Ideal for those seeking taste without alcohol's effects. Pure Vision Trio, a must-try selection in PSAlcoholfree!

Stevan I.

Health-conscious bliss! Their non-alcoholic wines strike the perfect balance—full of vibrant flavors yet free from alcohol, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence of Low sugar Wines. The dryness level is spot-on, offering the sophistication of traditional wines without compromising on health or taste.

Michelle S.

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